Sunday, June 16, 2013

Xara Web Designer 9 Premium

Xara Web Designer 9 Premium is the newest version of the powerful and popular web design application that uses the blazingly-fast Xara graphic engine. I have been a Xara user since 1996, and it has largely replaced my former favorite design tool, CorelDRAW. The latest version of Designer Premium offers a number of great new features. Here are some of them: 64-bit Windows support: if you use a 64-bit version of Windows, you can now take advantage of any memory that you have installed above the former 4GB limitation. What that gives you is the ability to create much larger websites with richer content and high-resolution images. Google Fonts support: One of the biggest recent developments on the web design front is Google's new font collection. Now, from within Xara Designer Premium 9, you can choose any one of the more than 600 fonts that Google offers for free! Drag and Drop Navbar Replacement: Do you need to replace a NavBar in one of your designs? All you need to do is drag and drop the new NavBar on the current one and all of the existing menus and links are copied automatically. New Backgrounds: Designer 9 Premium adds a new collection of color-editable backgrounds including repeating bar designs, tiling textures and graduated fills. To use them, simply drag-and-drop. New Widgets: The program also includes a new collection of widgets that include support for things like basic tables, Google+ buttons and Google's Ad Sense ads. There are also six new photo slideshow and gallery widgets. New Web Theme Designs: Twenty new web themes are included with 15 page layouts each— a $200 value. In addition, there is a new category of themes for businesses like travel agents, hairdressers, pubs, etc. These are completely customized with linked pages and professional photography suited to each business type. High-Resolution Screen Support: Many new devices support high-resolution screens and designer is now up to the task of creating the high resolution photos and web graphics to support them. Not only that, the program automatically creates smart web pages that load the best resolution graphics for system and browser used.
Improved HTML Compatibility: Designer now follows HTML5 standards transparently and without user intervention whenever possible. Shapes and graphics are now displayed using native HTML instead of graphics files. That makes for a faster, more memory-efficient website that is still compatible with older browsers. Quick Re-coloring: This new feature makes it easy to change the individual colors of grouped objects adding both flexibility and speed to the design process. Free Web Hosting: Owners of Web designer premium receive one year of Magix World M hosting with 2 GB of free space, one free domain name and free, web-based e-mail worth nearly $25 a year. For those on a budget, there is also a non-premium version of Web Designer 9 with a slimmed-down feature set at half the price. (Not that Web Designer Premium is that expensive. It is only $99!) While checking out the program, I found that all of the new features are seamlessly integrated into the program’s attractive and clean interface. Designer Premium 9 is as fast and powerful as ever and is an absolute joy to use. These new enhancements make Web Designer Premium 9 a must have program for professional web designers. Its amazing feature set, ease of use and speed make it a tremendous design tool!